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About the company

X-brand, the leading trademark and patent registration company.

X-brand is a company specialized in trademark and patent registration services. With an experienced team of lawyers and intellectual property specialists, X-brand helps companies and individuals protect their brands and inventions from copying and unauthorized use. The company offers a wide range of registration services, including trademark and patent research, preparation and filing of registration applications, as well as registration monitoring and renewal services. X-brand also provides expert advice on copyright, trademark and patent matters.
With a commitment to excellence in customer service, X-brand seeks to help its customers navigate the registration process efficiently and effectively. The company is committed to ensuring customer satisfaction by offering personalized services that meet the unique needs of each client.

Alex Korosue


Acting lawyer for more than 15 (fifteen) years in consulting
in the areas of civil law, business law and tax law.
Founder of the Korosue office,
Rangel & Antunes Law Firm.

Rafael Rodrigues Cury

Founding partner of Xbrand Intellectual Property;

Our history

Intellectual property

1993 - 2017

The X-Brand

Xbrand is a company specialized in Intellectual Property, based on ethics and professionalism, with specialists and lawyers in its corporate structure and effectively has a vast network of international correspondents for the registration of its assets abroad.Do as our customers do, hire someone who effectively operates in a professional and specialized way in the market, without bureaucracy and contractual loyalty.

Por que escolher nós

Razões para nos escolher

Experience and Knowledge

Solid experience and expertise in intellectual property issues.

Quality and efficiency

We value the quality and efficiency of the services provided.

Credibility and recognition

X-Brand is recognized in the market for its credibility and excellence in the services provided.

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